UNEEG medical

We break new ground in epilepsy.

UNEEG medical is an ambitious, entrepreneurial medtech company based in Denmark. We pioneer cognitive technologies for collecting, monitoring and analysing EEG data (brain activity) in people with epilepsy.

Our goal is to optimise epilepsy care and to improve the quality of life of the many people worldwide who suffer from epilepsy. UNEEG medical was founded in 2005 in Denmark, with subsidiaries in Germany, the UK and the US. Active study sites have been initiated with leading epilepsy researchers and institutions in Germany, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, the US and elsewhere.

We specialise in the technology of ultra long-term subcutaneous EEG monitoring, applying our highly innovative and CE-marked 24/7 EEG™ SubQ solution. This groundbreaking neuroscience technology allows us to detect electrographic seizures in patients’ daily life, and to provide the epileptic community with objective knowledge of seizure burden – insights not available with current tools.

We foresee further expansion beyond epilepsy, into areas such as sleep and diabetes where we believe our technology has great potential.

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Alice Scheuer-Beyer
Area Manager, Austria and Switzerland 

+43(0) 676 564 22 22